Circular Economy

The circular economy is based on product design aimed at minimising waste and pollution. Waste from some processes, becomes raw material for others. The objective of the circular economy is to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility value, thus regenerating and restoring natural ecosystems.

In the 4th June, 2021, Lanas Trinidad has been recognised by the Uruguayan Ministry of Environment for its contribution to the protection and improvement of its influence on the environment.

We are so glad to receive this recognition after many years of hard work.

Moreover, we are glad to thank BROU for the present they sent us on the ocassion of the recognition received.

Our goal is clear, we have to deliver future generations a better environment than the one we inherited.

In the world´s environment day, Lanas Trinidad was recognised with the 2019 Circular Economy award by Uruguay, in the large companies category. The award was granted by ANDE (National Agency for Sustainable Development) and PAGE UN (Partnership for Action on Green Economy, United Nations program).

It was the first time that the award was delivered in Uruguay and in Latin America.